Головна Що ми робимо Never yet in history was united Europe as strong as it is today

14 Жовтня 2022

Never yet in history was united Europe as strong as it is today

PromoUkraïna called the Ukrainian community to join early this Thursday, October 13 for a demonstration in front of the Council of Europe to support the Parliamentary Assembly resolution declaring the current russian regime as a terrorist one and to condemn the so-called russian referendums in Ukrainian regions.

Later that morning, the Assembly strongly condemned the attempted annexation of Ukrainian regions by russia, describing the so-called referendums in these regions as “an affront to international law” and “null and void, with no legal or political effects”.

The Assembly also followed the address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy who said he see the historically important results of dialogue in Europe, between Europeans “to make Russia responsible as the aggressor state, and every Russian murderer and butcher for all the crimes of this war, for every manifestation of their terror”. The Ukrainian President also said “We see actions that have made Europe unprecedentedly stronger. Never yet in history was united Europe as strong as it is today.”

The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe added after the Head of State's speech, which was concluded with loud applause from the Assembly: " We all consider Russia's unilateral aggression as an attack against the multilateral cooperation that is meant to protect all our citizens in Europe. That is why we try to do whatever is in our mandate to support your country and your citizens in these most challenging and dangerous times”.

And the Council of Europe took the lead by calling to speed up the creation of a special international tribunal for russia's aggression against Ukraine and to declare the current Russian regime as a terrorist one.

In a resolution, adopted unanimously, the parliamentarians called for a “comprehensive system” to hold the Russian Federation and its leadership accountable for its aggression and violations of human rights and humanitarian law – including the speedy establishment of a special ad hoc tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

This historic resolution was preceded the day before by a historic vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations to condemn by a large majority the “illegal annexations” of territories of Ukraine by Russia.

Council of Europe Resolution 2463 (2022) is available at this location https://pace.coe.int/en/files/31390/html  

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